Privacy Declare

This site privacy affirms the Department 's commitment to protect personal privacy site . Given the characteristics of the Internet, this site will be , directly or indirectly interact with you , it is hereby collection, use and protection policies of this website taken of your personal information , please read carefully :

First, the collection, sorting information

When you browse , read or download documents on this website , the site will automatically collect and sort your information ( the Internet domain name , the user 's browser and operating system type , access time, access the page ) , the information will not be used to determine your identity.

Second, the personal data

When you make a user registration on the Site, participate in activities under you agree and acknowledge that this site will be through registration forms, order forms require you to provide some personal information .

The personal information includes: user name, password , e-mail , name, the unit , position , telephone number and other information.

Before without your consent and confirmation , in addition to state laws , local regulations and government rules and regulations , this site is guaranteed not to provide personal information to any private company .

Third, user rights

On this website, you have the following rights of their own personal data :

  • At any queries and requests for access ;

  • At any time request to add or correct ;

  • At any time request to delete ;

  • Request to stop computer processing and use .

Based on the above right , you can make a request via e-mail (, this site will provide you with related services.

Fourth, limit the use of the principle

This site only under the following conditions on the use of personal information collected is necessary beyond the scope of :

  • We obtain your written consent ;

  • For the removal of imminent danger that you encounter in life, body or property ;

  • In order to prevent the rights of others to suffer significant harm ;

  • To promote the public interest , and without prejudice to your vital interests.

Fifth, the disclosure of personal data

When government agencies in accordance with legal procedures require the disclosure of personal information on this site , this site will be for public safety purposes or to provide personal information in accordance with their requirements ; any disclosure in this case , the website will .