General description

One of the major risks in container handling is collision between spreader and container. SPS is designed to prevent such collisions during operation with LiDAR scanning with crane PLC.

Technical Specifications

Profiling accuracy: 5cm

Stopping accuracy on for trolley and hoist: 10cm

System initialization time: <=3min

Working temperature: -40℃ ~ +60℃

Protection grade: IP67 outdoor

System functions

Real-time obtains trolley and spreader position and motion

Container stack profiling

Collision prevention between spreader/its load with containers

Soft landing  in hoist direction

Truck lane protection

Key features

Dual LiDAR sensors to scan without blind area and get real-time data

Smooth slow-down and stop to adjust operator habit

Compatible to RTG/RMG

Display container stack in graphics and process

Extended functions

Spreader positioning and anti-sway

STS Chassis Positioning System(STS CPS)
3D Stack Profiling System(3D SPS)



Stack Profiling System(SPS)