General description

Statistics say there is a average stacking error of 3‰ in container handling, which will cause to shuffle containers and lower efficiency. PDS is designed to obtain the real-time position and verify which with TOS job order. Handled container position will be automatically updated. 

Technical Specifications

Satellite positioning accuracy: 20px + 1ppmRMS

Container position accuracy: ±500px

System functions

Obtain handled container position in real-time and accurate manner

Two working modes for selection: 1) spreader lock control with wrong container position; 2) update real-time position to TOS

Self-checking function by generating alert with system fault, which doesn’t affect crane system

Key features

Positioning compatible to GPS/GLONASS/BDS/ GALIENO, which is independent from weather and reference structure

Combine data from satellite positioning and crane encoders (gantry, trolley, hoist)  to enhance accuracy

Compatible to various TOS provider such as NAVIS, COSMOS, HARBOR TOPS-C, HD CiTOS, CMPort TOS, CyberLogitec OPUS, etc.

Auto Gantry Steering System (AGSS)
Chassis Lift Prevention System ( CLPS , Vision)



Container Position Determination System(PDS)