General description

Manual steering RTG could cause accidents due to unfixed moving track, which requires lots of attention from operators as well.

AGSS utilizes DGPS principle jointly with crane PLC to keep RTG moving in designated track without deviation, which therefore minimizes operator fatigue and crane exposure to accidents.

Technical Specifications

Positioning accuracy: 20px+1ppm(RMS)

Deviation accuracy: <=±125px,±1.0°

Max. deviation: <= 250px( with crane max. speed 135m/min)

Working temperature: -40℃ ~ +60℃

Protection grade: IP67 outdoor

System functions

Detect RTG real-time position and automatically steer crane in right track as designated

Predict crane motion tendency to steer moving direction in advance

Self-check function to generate alert with system fault

System indicators  and on/off switch provided as customized

Key features

Multiple info fusion from GPS, crane encoder and GIS to obtain crane real-time position. Calculate during a temporary lost of GPS signal

Yard slope compensation

Compatible to GPS, BDS , GLONASS and GALINEO

RTK with centimeter grade positioning

Easy implementation without retrofitting yard

Extended functions

Safety control when shifting blocks

Restricted area control

Anti-collision to fixed yard objects


Chassis Positioning System(3D CPS)
Container Position Determination System(PDS)



Auto Gantry Steering System (AGSS)