General description

Accidents could happen when locks between container and chassis are not open and chassis if lifted together with container. CLPS is designed using LiDAR sensor to determine such conditions and perform truck anti lifting. 

Technical Specifications

LiDAR detection distance: 20m

LiDAR resolution and measurement error: 10mm/typ.±30mm

Lifting prevention distance: 1000px from ground

System initialization time: <=3min

Working temperature: -30℃ ~ +50℃

Protection grade: IP67 outdoor

System functions

Prevent chassis lift together with container

Support one and two truck lanes

Alert when truck lifting happens and hoist will be controlled

By-pass switch is provided as customized

Key features

Support various container configurations such as single 40ft, 20ft, twin 20ft, etc.

Compatible to various chassis types

Accuracy 100% for all lifting conditions

Prevention distance within 1000px for max. safety

Compatible to RTG/RMG



Chassis Lift Prevention System ( CLPS , Vision)



Chassis Lift Prevention System ( CLPS , Laser)