General description

Many terminals with DGPS auto steering would face the problem of signal loss and system fault while blocked by structures

RTG AGM is designed for temporary signal loss utilizing multi GPS antennas, INS (Inertia Navigation System), RTK jointly with crane PLC, which is mainly for the purpose of automation and remote control.

Technical Specifications

Positioning accuracy: 0.8cm+1ppm(RMS)

Deviation accuracy: <=±5cm,±1.0°

Max. deviation: <= 10cm( with crane max. speed 135m/min)

Crane posture accuracy: ±1°

Crane stop accuracy: ≤ ±5cm with max. deviation less than 10cm

Signal loss time: ≤ 10s

System functions

Automatically move to designated position as job order

Accurately stop at correct position

Predict crane motion tendency to steer moving direction in advance

Self-check function to generate alert with system fault

System indicators  and on/off switch provided as customized

Key features

Compatible to GPS, BDS , GLONASS and GALINEO with 4 antennas for redundancy

Satellite navigation together with INS as resolution for signal loss and instability

No need to test whole yard for slope calculation

Four antennas to calculate crane shape change and accordingly steer deviation

Easy implementation without retrofitting yard

Extended functions

Safety control when shifting blocks

Restricted area control

Anti-collision to fixed yard objects

Optical Character Recognition System(OCRS)
Vessel Profiling System(VPS)



Auto Gantry Move(AGM)