General description

2D CPS is not able to detect chassis and container profile and its posture, therefore not capable for automated or remote control crane operation.

3D CPS utilizes 3D Laser scanning to detect chassis/container position and posture in trolley direction and automatically guides truck to precisely correct position.

Technical Specifications

Alignment accuracy in gantry direction:<=±5cm

 Alignment accuracy in trolley direction:<=±5cm

Truck 3D positioning accuracy: <=±5cm

Alignment time: <10s

Truck skew accuracy: <=±0.5°

System initialization time: <3min

System functions

Guide truck to park at correct operating position

Automatically detect chassis/container profile, position and posture

Prevent spreader/its load crashing on truck cabin when truck is not fully aligned

Visual panels display free-to-go with traffic light to prevent spreader being pulled by truck

Key features

Automatically detect truck direction and correct parking position

Compatible to multiple LiDAR brands eg. SICK etc.

Compatible to different types of chassis and containers

3D Stack Profiling System(3D SPS)
Auto Gantry Steering System (AGSS)



Chassis Positioning System(3D CPS)