General description

System is designed to prevent spreader collision to containers on the vessel.

VPS utilizes LiDAR sensor and processes its point cloud data to position the spreader and construct 3D profile on the vessel to prevent container collision

Technical Specifications

Laser measurement error: ±30mm

Container profiling accuracy: 10cm

Stop control accuracy: 100cm

System initialization time: ≤3min

Working temperature: -40℃ ~ +60℃

Protection grade: IP67 outdoor

System functions

Real-time trolley and spreader positioning and motion

Profiling container on vessel and display in graphics

Spreader and container anti collision

Soft landing in hoist direction

Performance recording on crane operator

Spreader track optimization by play-back

Key features

Anti-collision in directions of container bay, row and tier

Dual LiDAR sensor to realize 3D scanning

Support anti-collision with double 20 feet container handling

LiDAR scanning information fused with encoder info

Display profile and operation process in graphics

Extended functions

Container Position management verified with TOS

Vessel departure/tilt detection

Optical Character Recognition System(OCRS)
STS Chassis Positioning System(STS CPS)



Vessel Profiling System(VPS)