General description

Using 3D Laser sensing technology, 3D SPS is designed to detect trolley and spreader real-time position and motion and construct a 3D model of container stack, therefore to prevent working bay and adjacent bay collisions with spreader.

Technical Specifications

Profiling accuracy: <=10cm

Spreader detection accuracy: <=±5cm

System initialization time: <=3min

Working temperature: -30℃ ~ +50℃

Protection grade: IP67 outdoor

System functions

Spreader detection

Construct 3D profile of container stacks under crane

Prevent collision with control of  trolley and hoist speed

Soft landing

Key features

Real time anti-collision in  trolley and hoist direction

Use information from Laser sensor, encoders  to have more robust and safety

Smooth slow-down and stop to adjust operator habit

Compatible to RTG/RMG

Stack Profiling System(SPS)
Chassis Positioning System(3D CPS)



3D Stack Profiling System(3D SPS)