System Profile

RTG/RMG is one of the major equipment in terminal operation and hence more exposed to accidents. In order to improve the operation safety and efficiency level, Cathay Nebula developed the vision-based Chassis Lift Prevention System (CLPS) for RTG operation.

In the operation process, accidents could happen that, the chassis is lifted partly or wholly with handled container due to the reason that chassis is still locked to container during hoist up.

 Using vision technology, Chassis Lift Prevention System-Vision-based  is designed to identify lifted chassis, generate alarm and automatically stop the motion to prevent such accidents.

Technical Specifications

  • Working temperature:  -30°C ~ +60°C

  • Humidity: 95%

  • Protection grade: indoor devices IP45, outdoor devices IP67

  • Lift prevention distance: 40cm

System Functions

In the operation process, the spreader locks on the container and hoist up, Chassis Lift Prevention System-Vision-based will detect the motion status on container and chassis. Once chassis lift is identified, lift prevention is immediately triggered and stop the hoist up.

Crane operator is allowed only to hoist down and not to hoist up further when lift prevention is triggered. Only when container lands on chassis and wire rope loose is the restriction for hoist-up cancelled. 

Status indicators are provided on operator console. When system is bypassed, indicator is off; when system is working properly, indicator is constantly on; when chassis lift is identified and lift prevention is executed, indicator blinks; and when system failure occurs, buzzer will alarm.

Container Position Determination System(PDS)
Chassis Lift Prevention System ( CLPS , Laser)



Chassis Lift Prevention System ( CLPS , Vision)