ZoneSafe Standard

Sick LMS511




When a ZoneSafe transponder is detected entering the safety zone the system will emit an audible visual alert to the driver of the vehicle from the in-cab control unit and optionally to pedestrian workers using an external alarm. The system will record and save events including any transponder detections, which can then be downloaded from the control unit and viewed using ZoneSafe software via a PC or
Android app. ZoneSafe provides a low cost solution to help reduce the risk of collisions between industrial vehicles and pedestrian workers.

Features & Benefits
Status Indicator Indicates to the vehicle operator the unit is functioning correctly.

Mute Button Enables the vehicle driver to silence the alarm and allow a single pedestrian worker to approach the vehicle.

Event Logging Records and saves transponder detections and system events ready for downloading.

Communications Via Bluetooth connect to an in cab control unit using a mobile device or laptop to access event logs and adjust configuration settings.
Audible Visual Alarm Provides a pedestrian alert to the driver when a personal safety transponder has entered or breached the 3-9m safe zone around the vehicle.
Antenna Multiple antenna generate an adjustable detection zone between 3-9 meters.

General Specification
Operating Voltage 24VDC 800mA
Detection Range 3m - 9m Standard Antenna
Memory 7000 Events
Operating Temp -10°C to +55°C
Communication Bluetooth
Optional Relay Yes
Fixing Options Yes
Antenna Multiple